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Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon shells are up to 42% lighter when compared to Aluminium and stronger by up to 142%.. We also acquired Dexcraft as a part of the fabrication.

Payload Capacity

We support an increased payload in the base rockets itself. Thanks to the carbon shell, we can carry up to 4 mini satellites in one go.

Lighter re-usable pods

Efficient engines

We are working on the next generation space travel through lighter pod reuse and safer landing approaches while minimizing the overall weight of the shell.

Less fuel usage means that we travel farther with the same fuel and need lighter thrust engines. We save up to 50% Hydrogen fuel compounding it every launch. We are also innovating on lighter hydrogen gas tanks to reduce the overall weight.

Living in space

We are trying to simplify carbon composite shells for longer term living in the space. These are used in supersonic planes (Boom) already and are being explored.

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